Get a grip!

Wilson believes that you should change your padel grip around as many times a year as you play per week. So if you play twice a week, that’s twice a year. We’re guilty of not following this rule but do like a nice new overgrip for its tackiness, cushioning and tidying up the old one. We’ve also had some grip application disasters so decided to talk to Wilson to find out more about grips, overgrips and (most importantly) putting them on. Here’s what they told us…

Overgrips are one of the most used and purchased accessories in racket sports because they improve feel and provide more comfort when hitting the ball. 

All padel rackets come with a grip, usually black, that is wrapped around the handle to provide a cushion while holding the racket. Overgrips, on the other hand, are thinner and placed over these original grips (hence the name) to enhance feel and comfort. It is very important to change grips so that you can confidently hold your racket. 

Why use an overgrip?

Placing an overgrip on a padel racket handle allows you to hold the racket more confidently, especially when it’s hot or your hand gets sweaty. Other benefits of using an overgrip: 

Comfort: the overgrip improves the grip and makes holding the racket more comfortable. 

Control: without the overgrip, the thickness of the grip may not be optimum for a player’s hand, which could compromise their control. Overgrips make the grip thicker, firmer and more suitable for each person’s hand size. You can use more than one overgrip to achieve the thickness you prefer. 

Feel: padel overgrips help you feel more connected to the racket and provide you with a better sensation of the impact of the ball. 

Better care: overgrips help to make rackets last longer. Climate conditions and sweat damage them over time. For hygiene reasons it is advisable to replace the overgrip often. 

Style: why not use an overgrip to match your racket?

The Wilson Pro Padel overgrip is designed to be the right length for padel rackets. It is super thin and stretchy, providing superb feel for an extended period of time. 

How to apply a grip

Padel legend Fernando Belasteguín shows us how: