Premier Padel and World Padel Tour reach agreement?

Could this be the news the sport has been waiting for? Mundo Deportivo is reporting that QSI-backed Premier Padel and the Damm-owned World Padel Tour have reached agreement to merge and launch a single tour for 2024.

Talks have been going on for several months and, however improbable this may have seemed a year ago, it’s reported that the two sides have an agreement in principle to more forward as one, most likely with a tour based around Premier Padel.

Mundo Deportivo sums it up perfectly, we think: “In the absence of defining the format and details, the new circuit would combine the management and capacity of the current PP (Premier Padel) and preserve the potential and experience of the World Padel Tour in an alliance that, if materialised, would unite the best of both parties and work to certify a unified and logical ranking.”

In February we reported that the two organisations had opened talks, a huge step forward in bringing to a close a war of words that had spilled into legal action and embroiled the Professional Padel Players. One sticking point identified was Premier Padel’s lack of a women’s tour, however this was remedied in March. 🎾