Electrify your game with Volt

Portuguese specialist padel racket manufacturer Volt has a number of models across its Volt 1000, Volt 950, Volt 900, Volt 800, Volt 700 and Volt 500 ranges. All weigh from 350g to 370g except Volt 500, which is the lightest at 345g to 365g. They have a dynamic hole system and what Volt describes as a ‘fast recovery’ black Eva core. To help with selection, the rackets are divided into three ranges – control, balance and power.

Control rackets are the Volt 500 and Volt 800. These have a round shape, 3K carbon structure and 3K carbon faces. 

– Volt 500 is a classic round shape racket with a very large sweet spot and sandy surface. 

  • Volt 800 has its weight balance higher than traditional round rackets, delivering more power. It too has a rough surface

Players wanting balance can choose between Volt 900 (as used by Ana Catarina Nogueira) or Volt 700. Both have a teardrop shape, medium-high weight balance, 3K carbon structure and a 3K carbon face. Volt 700 delivers control and power whereas Volt 900 has its weight balance a little higher than traditional teardrop rackets, giving extra power. 


If maximum power is required players are recommended to consider the Volt 1000, (as used by Agustín Silingo) or new Volt 950. These rackets are diamond shaped with high weight balance, a 3K carbon structure, 12K carbon faces and rough surfaces. 

  • Volt 950 is described as a ‘power weapon’ with a large sweet spot for a diamond shaped racket, delivering control for a powerful game. 
  • Volt 1000 is the brand’s ‘ultimate power racket’, with a larger handle and a smaller head, making it easy to handle with ‘incredible’ power for an offensive game. 

Volt Padel, established in 2016 by Pedro Brito e Cunha, aims to create high quality equipment with a ‘better balance’ between quality and design. It has seen huge sales growth in the last two years, growing nearly 300% in 2021 and 80% in 2022. Last year exports accounted for 83% of its business with product supplied to more than 45 countries. 

The company has also just announced a partnership with JUBO Padel to produce premium quality, fully panoramic Volt Padel courts with no inner metal posts.