WIN! Wilson padel shoes

The Bandeja has teamed up with leading padel equipment specialist Wilson to give a pair of padel shoes – either the Bela Pro or Huron Pro mens/ladies – to TWO lucky readers!

When it comes to footwear and sports there’s one universal truth, what you wear on the court impacts your game. Wilson’s latest collection of padel footwear, the Hurakn Pro and Bela Pro Padel shoes are designed to be stylish accessories that provide athletes with the tools they need to succeed in the game.

For those seeking the pinnacle of performance both on the court and from their shoes, the Bela Pro padel shoe is specifically engineered for optimal movement on court. A collaboration between Wilson and the iconic padel legend Bela, this shoe features a one-of-a-kind design that delivers a wow factor unlike any other in the game. 

The all-new sole features circular grooving and removes rubber in strategic places to enhance the most important footwork movements in padel, pivoting and rotating. Crafted with a ‘Kaos’ chassis for comfort, agility and stability with a double chassis construction, Bela laces up the Bela Pro for his biggest matches on the greatest stages in the sport.  

The Hurakn Pro padel shoe combines eco-friendly materials with padel-specific technologies to produce durable and supportive shoes that are ideal for aggressive movement on court. To support your game and positively impact the planet 21% of the total weight of Wilson’s Hurakn Pro padel shoes are made up of recycled material. Another major benefit of these environmentally friendly shoes is the outsole, which is specifically designed for movement on the padel court. They’re also tuned for agility with an inner-sock construction that feels supportive as you explode on to the ball.  

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