Where to play padel in the UK

A question we are frequently asked is ‘where can I play padel?’

In the last year it’s become far easier to answer this with so many new courts opening around the country. There are still huge chunks that remain padel deprived but we’re hopeful that as the months tick by at least some of the gaps will be filled with our favourite sport.

To help you identify your nearest padel location we’ve partnered with iPadel (perhaps best known for its Club League tournaments) which keeps one of the most up-to-date records of UK courts. Click the image below to visit its interactive map.

iPadel's UK map of padel courts
Find your nearest padel court via the iPadel interactive map

Not all courts and clubs are on the map (if yours isn’t listed contact iPadel) but the majority are and iPadel helpfully indicates which are private, pay-and-play etc and most have contact details to make it super easy to get involved. Many also loan or rent rackets and sell balls. So no excuse, go play! If you need a helping hand with the rules click here. 🎾