Strictly: Vote Annabel! #padelplayersforannabel

Calling all Strictly Come Dancing fans – the padel community is being urged to ‘vote Annabel’ in this weekend’s quarter-finals to ensure the padel fanatic quicksteps into the semis!

The Welsh Padel Centre is calling on all padel players to get behind Annabel Croft and give her the lift needed to secure a place in the semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing

Former GB No 1 tennis player Annabel is now a keen padel player (she owns a coaching academy in Portugal) and has worked with Game4Padel to help raise the profile of the sport for the last few years, including opening the first padel court in Wales.

In recognition of this The Welsh Padel Centre, in Cwmbran, has put out a social media appeal encouraging all padel players to pick up their phones and ‘vote Annabel’ this weekend, with the hope of sending #padelplayersforannabel viral

It said: “We’re showing our support for Annabel Croft and encourage you, as a padel community, to do the same! Annabel’s involvement in the padel community has really helped get the sport known over the years and now it’s our turn to support her! When voting opens – you know what to do!”


Their appeal is supported by court builder/operator Game4Padel, where friends and colleagues have been closely following her progress. CEO Michael Gradon told The Bandeja: “We are delighted with Annabel’s progress through Strictly so far – I know the team at Game4Padel have been watching and voting for her each week. We are so proud of her achievements and we always guessed she would be as good at ballroom dancing as she is at padel! I encourage all the padel fans out there to keep supporting her as we get closer to the final!” 

Annabel and her dance partner Johannes Radebe are perfecting their performance for ‘musicals week’ as we write. But who will steal the limelight and a place in next week’s semi-final? Tune in on Saturday (December 2), 7.25pm on BBC One and again on Sunday evening for the results show. And don’t forget. Vote Annabel! 🎾