Quick fire Q&A with TwoTwo’s founders

Quick fire Q&A with Sofie & Sofie

Why the name TwoTwo? 

Many people think it’s because we both are named Sofie. We love that interpretation but it is not the story behind the name. TwoTwo is simply a tribute to the social aspects of the game and the fact that you play four people, two and two. 

Your website says Play Two is the first of its kind. Why is this?

We developed the Play Two together with Sweden’s top industrial designer, Fredrik Magnusson, and with feedback from more than 1,000 players. We also tested hundreds of rackets, materials, hole patterns and combinations of shapes to end up with the Play Two. It has a unique seven-degree outline and sharp edges to create a non-laminar airflow. This creates a racket that cuts off vibrations before they migrate down into the handle, has a more defined resonance in the striking surface as well as providing great control. 

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White balls?

We wanted to do something completely different. The white ball is a flirt with tennis since tennis balls used to be white. They switched them to yellow to make them more visible on TV. Our balls feature unique illustrations by Kevin Olberg, a prominent creative from Sweden. The colour and laughing smiley illustration definitely make heads turn on the court! 

What do people think about your rackets?

Feedback has been awesome! Our minimalistic design and playful approach have attracted players, padel clubs and distributors all over the world. Some people have been surprised that the rackets not only look good but also are top performing. Our collaboration with WAP Derby has been amazing and we can’t wait for more clubs to open up in the UK!