Playtomic releases 2024 global padel report

The Playtomic Global Padel Report 2024 has dropped and a quick overview shows some startling figures. 

  • Padel is evolving into a worldwide sport but the level of development and participation varies widely across countries and regions.
  • The global padel boom will lead to almost 70,000 courts by 2026
  • Growth is expected to stabilise at an annual rate of 17%.
  • Denmark tops the chat for countries with most growth in the padel sector, followed by Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Panama, Italy, Chile, Norway, South Africa and Croatia. The UK is not in the top 15.
  • Last year 2,600 padel clubs opened worldwide, with almost 6,000 padel courts installed globally. That’s an average of 111 courts built every week in 2023.
  • Spain (16,000) and Italy (8,300) still have the most courts but focus is shifting to non-European regions for growth.
  • The UK ranks 10th worldwide for courts numbers – 489 in January 2024. The US follows closely with 454 courts. 
  • The UK, France, Germany, US and Mexico are highlighted as developing regions with ‘great potential’.
  • The report predicts a ‘potential acceleration’ of growth in the UK later this year/early 2025, putting current player numbers at 120,000, padel venues at 170 and 7.2 courts per million population.
  • In the UK 35 new clubs opened in 2023 and more than 200 new courts.
  • London, Surrey, Essex, West Yorkshire and Gloucestershire are the top padel counties
  • Counties with the highest court occupancy rates are (in order) Manchester, London, Leicestershire, North Yorkshire and Glasgow
  • An estimated 4.5+ million padel rackets were sold worldwide last year at an average price of 130€. However, 2023 was also a year marked by an imbalance between supply and demand.
  • Players want to play more but have difficulty in finding courts and players of a similar standard and organising matches. Playtomic believes this makes players willing to travel to other clubs to get a game. 🎾

Access the report here