Playtomic launches insider info ‘Club of Clubs’

Court booking platform Playtomic has launched an initiative to help padel club owners and operators grow the game and make their venues thrive.

Its ‘Club of Clubs’ programme aims to share knowledge throughout the padel community, bringing in consultants, industry experts and what it terms ‘success managers’ for events on and offline. 

Pablo Carro, co-founder of Playtomic, said the organisation would be putting to use its ‘global view’ of the market and the key factors influencing growth. “Having accumulated a wealth of experience over the years, as the industry’s leading technology platform, we have a responsibility to democratise access to information that allows people to make decisions that have a positive impact on the club community. We want our industry to thrive and information, if it is relevant, means progress for all.”

He added: ”Sometimes we are surprised by the creativity with which many of our customers solve their day-to-day problems. If they are also willing to share these ‘tricks’ with other managers why shouldn’t we help to publicise them? We are convinced that it is much more powerful to draw on the experiences and lessons learned from thousands of other managers than to manage your club in isolation,” said Pablo.

Market information

A key aspect of the project is the idea of developing metrics indicating the health of the industry, including the average price of courts, frequency of play or monthly expenditure per player.

A company spokesman said: “Through Playtomic’s analysis we can discover the key differences between markets, for example the average court price, from 23 euros in Spain, to 34 euros in Sweden and 43 euros in Italy.”

Club of Clubs will also compare the ‘health’ of padel facilities, as Pablo explained: “Up to now there has been no reference point against which a club can compare itself to see if the experience players have at their club is above or below market level. Playtomic has analysed millions of reviews on Google and the results are astonishing. We wanted to start with one of the countries with the highest penetration, Spain, and we will be sharing new countries every month.”

Access to Club of Clubs is via subscription