Padel Trend Expo 2024








Milan will once again be talking about the great game of padel as the curtain rises on this highly anticipated event for the entire padel community.

Following the success of last year’s “zero” edition, which involved over 18,000 people, with “only” 2,000 actually playing on the 6 courts set up for the occasion by the organizers, Padel Trend Expo returns. It is the first major international event dedicated entirely to the supply chain of this sport, which continues to grow steadily. Today, there are approximately 3,300 clubs and 8,900 courts across the country (source: Mr Padel Paddle Observatory), with over 1 million players.

Organized by Next Group, an integrated communication group in collaboration with the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation and with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Milan, this entertainment “fair” promises to be even richer in top guests and a wealth of content. It will also feature a sold-out exhibition space with over 120 booths for shopping and 145 companies from various sectors presenting the latest innovations in rackets, clothing, accessories, balls, court construction and coverings, maintenance, club customization and setup, technology, apps, search engines, industry websites, travel, tourism, health, and much more to discover.

What will happen from January 19th to 21st at the Allianz MiCo, just a stone’s throw away from the fashionable Citylife district, will be a 3-day event to be experienced once again at a lively pace, allowing the numerous visitors expected from all over the world to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience.



The event, which will feature a rich program, will range from highly acclaimed International Academies such as M3 Padel Academy, Sanyo Academy, Cepac Padel Academy, PadelMBA, Rapha Nadal Academy, Royal Padel Academy, SPH and MVM, to the usual exhibitions and shows by many top players like Pablo Lima, Mati Diaz, Mike Yanguas, Javier Garrido, Momo Gonzalez, Gonzalo Rubio, Teodoro Victor Zapata, Javier Ruiz González, Lucas Bergamini, Martin Pineiro, Tolito Aguirre, Alvaro Cepero, Fernando Poggi, Tito Allemandi, Federico Deep Nazar, Gaston Malacalza, Pedro Melendez Amaya, Carlos Perez Cabeza, Josè David Sanchez Serrano, Gemma Triay, Eli Amatrian, Veronica Virseda, Carolina Orsi, Lorena Vano, Sofia Saiz and Denise Hoefer, to finish with the clinics held for the public by top world-renowned coaches, including Juanjo Gutierrez, Manu Martin, Claudio Gilardoni, Martin Echegaray, Maxi Castellote, Alberto Ruiz, Marcela Ferrari, and Gustavo Spector.

Like last year, there will be many events on the courts involving personalities from the cinema, entertainment, radio, television, music, and fashion industries, as well as the unavoidable matches between former soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and rugby stars.

Here are some highlights:

  • HAN-GAR EXHIBITION with the participation of Alessandro Matri, Riccardo Montolivo, Alessandro Budel, and Massimo Gobbi, will take place on Friday at 12:00 pm.
  • RADIO DEEJAY with “Padel like a Deejay” featuring some of the radio’s talents, such as Rudy Zerbi, Gianluca Gazzoli, Matteo Curti, Alessandra Patitucci, Federico Pecchia, and Davide Damiani, who will play on the central court on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, involving the audience along with the friends from “Che fatica la vita da bomber.” Radio Deejay will be present during all three days of the Expo with entertainment from the stage, gadgets, and many surprises.
  • PRO VIP LUXURY PICKLEBALL, with Gennaro Di Napoli, Jimmy Ghione, Moreno Morello, Stefano Meloccaro, Antonio Cabrini, and the best Italian pickleball players, will battle it out on Saturday at 12:00 pm.
  • PADEL FOR THE CURE BY KOMEN ITALIA, an association at the forefront of the fight against breast cancer, will take place on Saturday at 1:00 pm, featuring a match between Eleonora Daniele, ambassador of Komen Italia, teamed up with Fernando Orsi, former soccer goalkeeper and sports commentator, and Zibi Boniek, former soccer player, playing with Maribel Nadal, marketing director of Rafa Nadal Academy.
  • LEGENDS PADEL EXPERIENCE BY PADEL CORPORATION, featuring Gianluca Zambrotta, Nelson Dida, Denise Hoefer, and Ienia Monti, will take place on Saturday at 3:00 pm.
  • TOP PADEL EVENTS BY CUPRA, with the presence of Francesco Coco, Gianluca Basile, Gianmarco Pozzecco, Claudio Coldebella, Piero Montecchi, Giacomo Galanda, Flavia Pennetta, Roberta Vinci, Maria Elena Camerin, Claudio Galli, Matteo Daolio, Paul Griffen, and Matteo Barbini, will be played on Saturday at 4:00 pm.
  • Nazionale Italiana Artisti TV for Rise Against Hunger, with the participation of ambassador Claudia Peroni, including Valentina Barbieri, Thomas Basilico, Federica Bertoni, Alex De Santis, Sarah Maestri, Davide Paniate, and many others that are still top secret, to be discovered on Saturday at 4:00 pm.
  • CUPRA X-PADEL, on Sunday at 1:00 pm, between CityPadel Milano, led by Demetrio Albertini, and Padel Club Tolcinasco, led by Nicola Amoruso and Alessandro Budel.
  • LUXURY PADEL X-TRES CUP, featuring Esteban Cambiasso, Marco Parolo, Nicola Amoruso, Alessandro Budel, Andrea Barzagli, Papu Gomez, German Denis, and Riccardo Maspero, awaits you on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

There will also be inclusion with national and international events of wheelchair padel, which is increasingly spreading in Italy, and the novelty of Pickleball, which is booming in the United States. A significant space will be dedicated to conferences with a program of sure interest hosted on the top floor of the pavilion, inside the Inspiration Hub, including the important National Conference on Padel Traumatology. Padel Trend Expo will also be a significant showcase for the B2B sector, considering that last year it generated an estimated business volume of over 10 million euros in the 3 days, and this year’s edition will have an even more international scope. Finally, the Institute for Sports Credit could not be missing as the institutional partner of the event. The public bank, serving sports for over 70 years, will have a dedicated stand to illustrate the facilitated financing aimed at Amateur Sports Associations and Amateur Sports Clubs to foster the development of Padel. Thanks to the support of ICS, thousands of young athletes and professionals have had the opportunity to train and compete in increasingly modern and inclusive clubs and courts.


Wellness, trends, and innovation are the common thread of the events planned for the second edition of the Inspiration Hub, in order to meet the needs of the community and provide a concrete analysis of the national and international scenario in various contexts, facilities, resources, and services. Three days to inform and engage with club managers, healthcare professionals, doctors, experts, athletes, and champions. Among the talks and conferences proposed, we highlight the following: On Friday at 10:00 am, “The Club of the Future,” where we will emphasize the need for increasingly differentiated and competitive sports offerings, as well as the importance of strategically specialized and qualified management for the long-term success of clubs. At 5:00 pm, “Pickleball Mania” featuring book launches related to the American sport that is experiencing exponential growth with the opening of new courts in Italy: one per day! Saturday the 20th will be the perfect opportunity to delve into the causes and highlight how to avoid injuries resulting from playing paddle tennis, emphasizing the importance of equipment, clothing, as well as the impact difference due to the type of playing surface. We will do this with leading players from various sectors and specialists, experts in sports science, nutrition, and much more for the “First National Conference on Paddle Tennis Traumatology.” We will conclude the day with experts and champions sharing their experiences and providing valuable advice for a conscious and safe practice of this sport. On Sunday at 11:00 am, there will be a single event presented by Playtomic for the announcement of a big news!


The important partnership with the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation has been confirmed for 2024 as well. On this occasion, the federation will exhibit the legendary Davis Cup, which was just won in Malaga, at its stand. In this second edition, in addition to providing sponsorship, the Federation will also carry out various educational and competitive activities on the court reserved for them, thanks to the collaboration of ISF instructors. This will guarantee their institutional presence once again and promote the event through their channels, with the aim of involving all the numerous members and affiliates. There will be educational courses for elementary and high school students, including demonstrations and explanations of basic shots, to help them take their first steps in padel. There will also be tactical and technical exercises for children from FITP padel schools who have already acquired the foundations of this sport. Don’t miss the important events organized by FITP, such as the Wheelchair project dedicated to inclusion, the Content Creator Super Tiebreak with the participation of young players, and the finals of the historic amateur TPRA tournament. Lastly, for the many newcomers and curious high school students, the introduction of pickleball, a new racket sport, will be led by qualified instructors from the Federation. This will be done through mini courses and amateur matches hosted on the 2 courts at the fair.


There have been many events in 2023 that have taken place under the banner of social inclusion, and the second edition will be even richer in content. It will start with the motor disability athletes from the Spinal Unit of Niguarda Hospital in Milan trying out the new APTA padel wheelchair, designed for the needs of clubs and athletes. The European Padel Mixto event will follow, with defending champions Oscar Agea and Marcos Cambronero from Spain, Oleksandr Morzhuk from Ukraine, and the Italian winners of the 2023 Italian event, Massimo Malizia and Roberto Punzo. The event will conclude with a representative from the Entain Foundation, which has been supporting social inclusion and overcoming economic barriers for years, representing England on the field to demonstrate the closeness and collaboration within the Mixto project. Within the Padel Mixto program, there will also be a Masterclass for instructors from all over Italy to share and present established Best Practices for promoting the discipline, which involves athletes with and without disabilities playing together. The aim is to develop a program for clubs in 2024. Finally, the inclusive three-day event will also host the finals of the Inclusive Padel Tour, an event for players with motor disabilities organized by Paralympic athlete Alessandro Ossola.

Another noteworthy initiative is “Palla al Centro” by the Francesca Rava NPH Italia ETS Foundation, aimed at adolescents and young adults currently involved in the Cesare Beccaria Institute for minors. This initiative, which was established through a collaboration agreement signed in July 2020 with the Juvenile Court of Milan and the Center for Juvenile Justice for Lombardy, is designed to combat the isolation of young people involved in the criminal justice system. 

On Saturday, January 20th, there will be a representation at the event, in collaboration with one of our guest players, Carlos Pérez Cabeza, who has already shown great attention to the youth through lessons and life stories about his career.

Martina Riva, Councilor for Sport, Tourism and Youth Policies: “Milano Premier Padel P1’s thrilling matches with the best male and female players in the world took place just over a month ago, and now padel is back in the city with the second edition of Padel Trend Expo. This event aims to become a regular fixture in our city’s event calendar. In addition to being a reference point for companies in the padel clothing, equipment, and facility sectors, Padel Trend Expo will also involve the many Milanese residents and tourists who practice and love this sport. Demonstrations and tournaments organized at the Allianz MiCo in the coming days will provide moments of leisure and entertainment not to be missed.”

ITALIAN TENNIS AND PADEL FEDERATION Gianni Milan, Vice President in charge of Padel: “We are pleased to collaborate, once again, in the organization of Padel Trend Expo, an event that already involved tens of thousands of enthusiasts in its inaugural edition in 2023. With the organizers at Next Group, we share the mission of supporting the growth of this wonderful discipline. Holding an international fair that brings together over a hundred companies representing the entire supply chain under one roof for three days seems like a winning approach. The Italian Tennis and Padel Federation, which I am honored to represent, will guarantee its institutional presence, but not only that: we will have a program of activities, tournaments, and exhibitions involving our federal assets, a representative from our youth sector, and students from schools in Lombardy.”

NEXT GROUP Marco Jannarelli, President: “We wanted to be the pioneers in Italy in organizing an Expo entirely dedicated to padel, and so we were. This adventure started two years ago with the first edition in January 2023, which welcomed over 18,000 visitors and immediately gained the approval of all professionals and enthusiasts, as well as the support of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation and the Municipality of Milan, whom I thank for confirming their sponsorship for this second edition. The upcoming edition promises to be even richer in content and opportunities for the public. It will be another unmissable long weekend of sports, shopping, business, entertainment, shows, inclusion, and conferences, where enthusiasts will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of Padel Trend Expo, actively participating in the numerous activities planned on the 6 padel courts and 2 pickleball courts specially set up. In the first edition alone, with clinics and racket trials, over 2,000 participants were involved.”

PADEL TREND Luigi Spera, Managing Director: “The inaugural edition of Padel Trend Expo was an extraordinary event, characterized by valuable content that gave our format established credibility from the start. It was an event with a dual purpose: to excite, entertain, and inform through a significant sports and conference program, as well as serve as a powerful catalyst and ideal launching pad for companies that want to promote their products both domestically and in new areas of international development where padel and pickleball are particularly growing, such as the United States, the Middle East, China, and the United Kingdom. I thank the FITP and the Municipality of Milan for once again being by our side, and we are increasingly convinced that thanks to our constant commitment, visitors will have the opportunity to experience and share a unique experience.”


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