Babolat and Lamborghini launch racket exclusive

Will these be the hottest, most exclusive padel rackets of 2024? In what both companies have described as ‘unexpected’, Babolat has teamed up with exotic supercar manufacturer Lamborghini to develop the limited-edition BL001 range. Inspired by supercar chassis design, the BL001 has a single rigid peripheral monocoque frame. The Bandeja reports.

Launched at the iconic Italian racing circuit Imola today (April 9), around 50 rackets will be available for public pre-order this year. No price has yet been revealed but they are expected to become collector’s items. Next year will see two more ranges – the BL002 and BL003.

“At the heart of this unexpected project is the fusion of Babolat’s mastery of racket technology and the game and Automobili Lamborghini’s expertise in carbon fibre manufacturing processes and design,” said a statement for both organisations. 

The BL001
Babolat x Lamborghini
Juan Lebron
World No 4 Juan Lebron with the new racket.
Babolat/Lamborghini padel racket launch
The launch of the racket collaboration at the Imola Circuit.


The unisex BL001 is available in five colours (giallo auge, verde viper, arancio livrea, viola pasifae and verde gea) and produced in what the companies describe as ‘the cradle of the masters of composite materials production’ in Sant’Agata Bolognese, near Bologna, Italy, in Automobili Lamborghini headquarters. 

The spokesman added: “(it will be) A very limited, prestigious collector’s edition racket, designed with the tools, processes and materials used in the production of the Italian manufacturer’s super sport cars. 

“While Babolat already uses carbon materials for the production of its padel rackets, the BL001 will benefit from the unrivalled expertise of Lamborghini, experts in the art of mastering the use of carbon fibre in automotive production. 

“Directly inspired by the automotive design of super sports car chassis, the racket has been designed using a single rigid peripheral frame acting as a cockpit that enables full control. The BL001, created with this extremely rigid peripheral monocoque frame, optimises the deformation of the striking zone. The frame, which extends into the handle, allows the hand to be in direct contact with the chassis. This ensures perfect control of the racket in absolute comfort while delivering exceptional power and ball speed. Like the high-strength composite fibres, the materials used in this revolutionary masterpiece are directly derived from those used in super sports cars.”

The technical conception and design of the BL001 are the result of close collaboration between technical teams at Babolat and Lamborghini and the result is an ultra-precise, 100% hand-crafted process. 🎾